End of Life

End of Life Pet Care


Our hospital offers hospice care for patients who have known terminal disease and for whom a trip to the hospital is too stressful to justify the visit. In these cases we will minimize monitoring visits and procedures while keeping the patient comfortable, and try to find assistance with home care if needed.


As pets age, or their health fails, sometimes it is hard to know exactly at what point it is most humane to let them go. Our doctors are happy to talk to you about these decisions and help make the arrangements that will be the least stressful for you and your pet. Please feel free to talk about these issues ahead of time so that any prior arrangements can be made. It is our policy to not perform euthanasia on healthy animals or for the purpose of convenience.

Cremation services

Our cremation services are provided by Faithful Friends Pet Cremation www.faithfulfriendspetcremation.com.
They offer both individual (ashes returned) and communal (ashes not returned) cremation options. In most cases cremains are returned within one business day.

End of Life Resources

Lap of Love (After hours and home euthanasia)

Faithful Friends Pet Cremation (Pet cremation service)

Euthanasia (IFrom the American Veterinary Medical Association)

Pet Loss At Home (Resources for and information about pet euthanasia at home)