Pet Dentistry

Dental health is a serious component of overall health for dogs and cats (and humans as well!). Pets with severe dental tartar and diseased gums are at high risk for heart, kidney, and liver disease as well as infections anywhere in the body. Their sore mouths make it hard to eat, and so they are also at risk for weight loss and malnourishment. Home dental care is a great way to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. Our doctors and team members at Hill Creek are happy to discuss strategies for dental hygiene for your pet. As part of the annual exam we will assign a dental health level and give you recommendations for care.

Genetics plays a huge role in dental health as well, so when home care isn’t possible or isn’t enough an ultrasonic dental cleaning is recommended. This is done under general anesthesia, and all of the precautions and safeguards mentioned on (Our Surgical Services page) are in place during these routine procedures. Sometimes teeth are found to be broken or diseased and extraction of a tooth or multiple teeth may be recommended. Hill Creek Veterinary Hospital has the equipment, including high-speed instruments and dental radiography, to manage routine cleaning as well as surgical extractions. Our doctors are trained to handle these procedures safely and effectively.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning